Kasey reviews … Inside Out! Part 2: Funko Pops and Mystery Minis

So in my last post I reviewed Inside Out the movie. In this post I will do a review of my small but hopefully growing Inside Out collection, starting with my collection of Funko Mystery Minis and Funko Pop (singular thus far since I only have Sadness).

For those of you unfamiliar with the Funko Mystery Mini series, they are series of miniature vinyl figures with a theme (Disney, Inside Out, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, etc) that come in blind boxes so that you won’t know which figure you’re going to get until you open the box. You can either buy individual boxes or buy a case in bulk, which is a good way to save money and hopefully avoid repeat figures. Some series such as Inside Out have cases of 12 where each figure can be found in a ration of 1/12 — that is, if you buy a case, you will get one of each different figure. Some other series have rarer figures that will only be found in every few cases so they are harder to find, and often get resold for a lot more money on eBay. There are also sometimes Hot Topic exclusive figures, which is also the case for Inside Out although I don’t yet have any of the HT exclusive mystery minis.

I decided to buy a case of Inside Out mystery minis so let’s take a look at a few pictures:


Here’s the case with all 12 mystery mini boxes inside waiting to be opened! (Okay, I’ve actually already opened them, so this is just for display)

Here’s a close up of the characters on the top of the display case:

And here is a look at all 12 of the figures out of their boxes:

There are 2 figures each for Sadness, Joy, Anger, Disgust, and Bing Bong and 1 each for Fear and Rainbow Unicorn.

Here are a few close ups so you can see just how adorable these figures are:






I think Rainbow Unicorn might be hands down my favorite mini, or the Sadness figure that is lying down. The one thing I really like about these minis too, compared to the larger POP figures is how they have actual cartoon eyes as opposed to the beady black circles of the Funko POP figures.

There are a few problems I have noticed with the Inside Out minis. The first is that the Disgust figures always fall over because the back of their hair is too heavy and pulls them back. I’ve tried sticking tape to their feet (which you can probably see in a couple of picture), but they still fall over after a time, which is really annoying.

Disgust is displeased that she keeps toppling over.

Another problem I had was the standing Sadness figure, whose glasses keep popping off. I don’t know if all Sadness figures will have this problem, and it’s an easy enough fix with a little bit of super glue, but it still a bit frustrating Look how sad Sadness looks about it!

Other than those few things, I am a big fan of this set. The characters all have a great amount of detail and their poses and expressions are accurate and relevant in the context of the film’s plot. The Hot Topic exclusive box has 3 new figures — Joy in a wagon (very relevant to the film) and the two security guards in Riley’s brain. The missing 3 from the HT box are Anger without flames, crying Bing Bong, and arms crossed Disgust. I’m hoping to get Joy in her wagon on eBay but the prices are a little high right now and I’m hoping they might drop with enough time.

If you are collecting for Inside Out, I definitely recommend picking up a case of these. I appreciate the fact that there aren’t any super rare ones and that you get one of each in a case. If you like the HT exclusives, you might want to try to buy a case of those and getting the missing ones on eBay because I have a feeling those ones will be cheaper than buying the HT exclusives separately.

In addition to the mystery minis, I also own the Sadness Funko POP figure. For a short time, the Sadness, Anger, and Joy POP figures were available from the Disney Movie Rewards website for only 500 points each, so I picked up Sadness. I passed on the other two because I’d rather save my points and Sadness is one of my favorite characters (along with Disgust, who I personally identify strongly with).

Here’s Sadness in her box:

ignore the glare and my reflection lol Side view of the box

Back of the box — there are also pictures of the other figures that are available

Here’s a picture of Sadness outside of the box:

And a view of her from the back:

One of the things I really like about this figure is how sturdy she is and how easily she can be taken out and put back into her box. I prefer to display her outside of the box, but I like the option to switch things around. Especially if I got a bunch more POP figures, in which case stacking their boxes and displaying them that way might look better and be more space efficient.

Also, even though I prefer the eyes of the mini figs, I still think that this large Sadness figure is adorable, and she looks good with the rest of my mini figures:


So that’s my review of all my Inside Out related stuff so far and I’ll be sure to do another post if I get any more. I’m expecting a package soon from the Disney store with the 2015 Classic Dolls for Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Jasmine, and Aladdin so be on the lookout for a review of those soon!


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