Kasey reviews … Fandom of the Month Club July 2015

It’s that time of the month again! Even though this is only my second month subscribing to Fandom of the Month club, my first post was from last month’s box, so I’m very excited to continue this monthly series and show you what I got this month!

I had a very good idea in advance which fandom was going to be picked for this month because of a clue given on the curator’s Instagram page, and luckily it was a fandom that I am, well, a fan of, so I have been excited all month. Although I think in the future I prefer to be surprised as to which fandom was chosen.

I saw on Facebook that there are 3 different colored boxes shipping out now, and I was hoping to get a green box, but I got another red one just like last month. If you are new to this subscription service, here’s what the box looks like:


As a quick refresher on this subscription service, it ships out once a month for a cost of $13 + $3 shipping (so $16 total) and contains 3-4 pieces of fandom-related jewelry bundled up inside a cute screen-printed mini canvas bag. Each month represents one fandom and fandoms have been / will be repeated. I don’t want to spoil which fandom came in this month’s box on my main blog page, so click on the read more to see what this month’s fandom was! UntitledLook familiar? That’s right, it’s The Hunger Games! I love love love this series of books and the movies (which I think are one of the best book-to-movie adaptations of all time and while I could expound upon this and more for quite some time, I will save it for my poor friends in real life) Untitled Here’s a look at the bag that the jewelry came in. I think Hunger Games has been done before for Fandom of the Month club so this is a less obvious screen-printing choice, but I love it. This is a line from Mockingjay, which is the third and final book (and final movie albeit in 2 parts) in the series. Since the last movie comes out this fall, I thought that this was particularly appropriate. I also like the addition of the three-fingered salute that has been a prevalent theme throughout the book / movies, and literally never fails to give me chills when I see it in the movies.

Onto the jewelry!

The first piece I pulled out of the bag was this bracelet:


Here’s a look at it on my wrist (it’s not actually clipped though because I was having a ridiculously hard time doing it one-handed.

Untitled At first I thought that these were just random music notes because music is important to Katniss when it occurred to me that duh it’s actually the notes for the four note whistle that Katniss teaches Rue in the first book. I love this bracelet because it can be worn not just with other Hunger Games things, but with anything music related in general. I hope to wear it once I can figure out how to get it on without help.  The second piece I pulled out from the bag was the most recognizable as being from this fandom:


It’s a necklace on a long chain that has the Mockingjay pin symbol, and arrow and a white rose which is strongly associated with President Snow. I like this necklace, but the way that the rose and the arrow are connected to the larger piece in the middle makes it such that they overlap the Mockingjay when you actually wear the necklace. I would have preferred some method of attachment that let all three symbols spread out, like the way that I am holding it in my hand.

Here’s a closer look at the necklace:

Untitled I think this picture better shows what I was talking about before. All three charms if you will are attached to the same circular loop hanging from the chain.  There were actually two more pieces of jewelry in this months bag, so here’s the next piece:

Untitled These of course are the same as the white rose on the necklace. As a matter of personal preference, this was my least favorite piece in this month’s box. I tried the earrings on and they just don’t seem like something that would work for me looks wise. Also the backing kept falling off one of the earrings. I initially found one of these earrings and its backing floating loose in the bag.  Luckily there is still one more piece in this bag that I think is probably my favorite:


This ring has a quote I love from one of my favorite parts of the Hunger Games series when… (SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T READ BOOK 3)

… when Katniss helps remind Peeta which memories of his are real and which aren’t after the Capital has brainwashed him to become a weapon meant to take out Katniss.


Unfortunately when I first took this ring out of the bag, I was devastated to find out that my fingers were all much too fat to wear this gorgeous ring. Luckily I was able to make the ring bigger by pushing the two ends closer together. A word of advice if you try this. As you do this, the ring will look slightly deformed. You will have to not just push the ends together to make the ring bigger but pull them up to reform the circular shape of the ring. Luckily I was able to make the ring fit (and still look good) on my fat pointer finger so I hope to be able to wear it a lot soon. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it on my hand to show you, but I think it is a very pretty ring.

That’s all that was in this month’s box, and overall I was pleased. I didn’t like it quite as much overall as last month’s box, although the ring might change that for me once I start wearing it more because I love that line and love that part of the story. Also the bracelet is really pretty.

Here’s one last picture of all the jewelry + bag together:


Before I go, I wanted to do a quick update on last month’s jewelry and how it is holding up.

As a reminder, last month there was a horse-and-carriage double ring, a charm bracelet, and a necklace with a book on it. The necklace is holding up great, although I don’t wear it often. The ring started to become slightly discolored after a few days of wear, but luckily that was limited to the part of the ring that nobody sees and the horse-and-carriage part still looks great after a lot of use.

Unfortunately I did something incredibly stupid and tried to slip on the charm bracelet while it was already clasped shut and I managed to snap one of the links on the chain, completely breaking my bracelet. I really don’t think this would have ever happened if I had just clasped the bracelet after it was on my wrist like I was supposed to. I am hopeful that I will be able to fix it with some needle-nosed pliers or something similar, so I will provide an update on that next month. I certainly hope I can anyways because I really loved that bracelet. Let that be a lesson at least! Although I really think it can be fixed so I’m not totally devastated yet.

Anyways, if you are a nerd with many beloved fandoms and an appreciation for jewelry, I highly recommend checking this subscription box out. The fandom selections and jewelry have all been pretty great and the price can’t be beat for what you get. Also the screen-printed bags are great and I know I am going to have to do something with them, like hanging them up on a corkboard or something, I’m not sure yet.

Here’s a link to the website if you are interested in signing up! http://www.fandomofthemonth.com/

It looks like there is still time to get the August box, which ships around the 15th so sign up soon!


2 thoughts on “Kasey reviews … Fandom of the Month Club July 2015

    • Not sure that they do and I actually stopped subscribing some months ago. However, if you do a search for more reviews of different months you can probably get a flavor for what fandoms they tend to do.


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