Kasey introduces … the American Girls!

Hey everyone,

Despite the fact that American Girl dolls are one of my favorite things that I collect, I haven’t actually done any posts about mine yet, so I wanted to change that today since I just welcomed a new member to the AG doll crew (TrulyMe 58 for the curious)

Growing up I read all of the AG books I could find at the library. This was back when Kit was the new girl (and in fact I think she wasn’t even available when I first started reading these books) so it was just the originals (Felicity, Molly, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, Kaya, and then Kit). I always loved the historical stories and whenever I could get my hands on a catalog, which was rarely and usually around Christmastime, I wanted an AG doll so badly but they were crazy expensive and I was a bit of a tomboy who had eschewed such girly things as dolls so I never asked.

Kit was, from the first time I saw her, my favorite AG girl. She had a bob cut which I envied because I had long hair that went down to my butt that my mom wouldn’t let me cut, she was a writer, and a bit of a tomboy.

Anyways, fast forward to earlier this spring when I randomly thought about AG for the first time in probably years, at least seriously. I did a quick Google search and visited their website and immediately went to look for the historical girls. That was when I realized that there were some I didn’t recognize, and that some of the ones I was most familiar with (Kirsten, Felicity, and Molly) weren’t even for sale anymore. But Kit was, and in her brand spanking new BeForever meet outfit I thought she was ridiculously adorable.

I think I visited the website dozens of time over a month or so before I decided that I needed to have her. I was a little self conscious at first because I hadn’t made my collecting interests very public and my mother tends to be very judgmental of my purchases, but I decided I needed to own Kit anyways, and it has just gotten crazier from there.

I received Kit during spring break when most of my roommates were gone and she was perfect. I was worried I wouldn’t like her as much as I thought and that I would regret my purchase but I definitely didn’t. I quickly ordered her a few more outfits and started rereading her series, which I hadn’t read since I was a kid.

I also realized that Kit looked adorable in just about anything. Seriously. Take a look:

KitThis is one of my favorite outfits for Kit. It’s not an AG outfit but an outfit called Urban Explorer by Dreamworld Collections, LLC Here are some more pics of her in that particular outfit: UntitledUntitled   A few months after adding Kit to my collection, I decided for some reason that I needed Felicity, so I had to turn to eBay. I was eventually able to find a Felicity in pretty good condition with most of her meet outfit for a decent price so I bought her. Unfortunately any outfits of Felicity’s on eBay are pretty expensive so I decided to buy her some outfits that are from Caroline’s collection, which I was able to do during my first visit to the AG Boston store.   Here’s a few pictures I took not long after adding Felicity to my collection: Untitled


This second picture is of Felicity in Caroline’s work dress with her travel basket.

Even though Felicity looked great in her meet and the work dress, I wasn’t feeling her for awhile as much as I would have liked to. I think it partly had to do with her slightly loose legs, or the fact that I couldn’t buy any of her collection at a reasonable price. Until very recently, I thought I might resell her on eBay, but then 2 things happened to change my mind. The first was that I bought a new doll on eBay and the second was that AG decided to have a major sale on Caroline things, so I picked up Garnet, her cow, her spencer & hat, and her bed. Since I don’t own Caroline, I need someone to take her place and for now that is Felicity.

Even though I’m most drawn to AG’s BeForever girls, I really wanted to own Truly Me 58, which I recently found in great condition on eBay for an amazing price. Combined with my $5 in eBay rewards points I had to bid on her, and I was fortunate to win her at the starting price. I decided after I won her on her name, but it wasn’t until she arrived that I began to formulate more of her story.

Introducing Charlotte “Charlie” Rae Quinn:

P8071128 Charlie is a modern girl although I’m still formulating the details of her life / family / location etc. What I did quickly realize though was that she could travel through time,and this is how she is able to meet and interact with my historical girls. She can also move them through time with her, which explains how they can interact with one another and why my two historical girls have some modern tendencies (Kit for instance is convinced she is Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica, and insisted on wearing her spacesuit while we binged the entire series last semester).  I knew I wanted to introduce my AG crew on my blog so I had Kit and Felicity welcome Charlie with a sleepover. Here’s some pictures (excuse the funny lighting, I didn’t adjust my camera settings properly):


Kit’s wearing her recently retired nightgown, Felicity is wearing a pair of AG pajamas I won on Ebay forever ago, and Charlie is wearing the set I ordered just for her recently, an Our Generation Goodnight Moose set that came with an adorable stuffed moose. Here’s a closer look at Charlie in her pjs:

P8071119 As you can see, the girls are playing Apples to Apples. The mini version of the game came with the prize I won from Flo at her blog Say Hello To My Little Friends and that I plan to review more fully in my next post. Suffice it so say that this set is adorable and made for a great prop for my girls.  Some more sleepover pics:



For whatever reason, adding Charlie to the mix made me feel a lot more comfortable with Felicity. Since I was coming home right after this photoshoot to spend a week at my parents’ house, I decided that I would take Felicity with me and restring her legs so that she could stand and sit better without flopping around. I’m giving that a go with my dad’s assistance tomorrow so hopefully all goes well with my first restringing!

Even though there are a fair amount more of AG girls that I want, the only one I plan on likely getting any time soon is this year’s Girl of the Year doll Grace Thomas since she and her collection won’t be available after the end of the year and I have a feeling the resale values on eBay will be high, and I think she and her collection are adorable. I’m hoping to get her around my birthday in a month, but we will see because I have to buy and pay off a new computer first. Until then, I’m very excited with my current crew, and for the package I’m expecting from AG to show up so I can set up a bed for Felicity too. I’m getting a new set of shelves for my room that I think will work perfectly for setting up displays for Kit and Felicity, so I will post again when my package arrives.

Next up, I will review (finally) the package I won from Flo and I let Charlie model some of the prizes for me, so check back soon!


4 thoughts on “Kasey introduces … the American Girls!

  1. I have to agree that Kit does look good in just about anything, I was even amazed when I did my Valentine’s day shoot at how good she looked in a red sweatshirt! I am VERY anxious to hear how the restringing goes, that is something I haven’t tried yet, but I’m sure someday I will, my Marie-Grace that I just got last summer is already showing signs of being loose. Great to meet your AG girls!


    • Thank you! I hope the restringing goes well but I’m a little nervous. That’s why I’m enlisting my dad to help. I have a post reviewing the prize you sent me already written so I will have it up soon!


  2. Charlie is adorable! She reminds me of the girl in the movie “Home”
    I love that you came back to AG after so many years. As an adult, and English major, I really enjoyed Julie’s books and everything written by Kathleen Ernst, who wrote Caroline books and mysteries for a number of historicals. Check out her blog or Facebook (“Kathleen Ernst, Author”)
    Jen @ Dollsbetweenus


    • I haven’t seen Home yet but I did see the previews. If I ever watch it Charlie will definitely have to join!

      I’m glad I came back to AG as well. I loved the books so much as a kid, and it’s been a lot of fun getting back into it and starting to reread the series. I just read Caroline’s books (minus her mysteries and the time travel one that I’m not interested in) and they were awesome! Felicity is currently filling in as Caroline for my right now since I don’t own the doll but just bought most of her outfits.

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