Kasey reviews … My Life As Cupcake Baking Set and other prize goodies!

I’ve been mentioning in many posts for the past month or so that I won some awesome prizes from Flo at Say Hello to My Little Friends and I am finally going to do a review of what I won today. Since she’s new to the gang and my modern girl, I thought I’d let Charlie help out with the review.

But before I get to the big stuff, I wanted to take a quick look at the little prizes that were included along with the big MLA cupcake baking set.

Again, ignore the terrible picture quality. I was in a rush and didn’t correct my camera settings.


As you can see, there’s a micro binder perfect for school, a mini purple notebook or possibly journal, an adorable rubber duck, an Eiffel Tower charm that will almost certainly belong to Grace when she eventually comes home with me, and my two favorite things from this mini bundle of gifts: a coffee cup candle that smells good and would be a great prop for a cafe setting, and a mini Apples to Apples game with real cards that you could actually use to play.

I showed the Apples to Apples game in use by my girls at their slumber party in my last post but here’s a closer look at the game they had set up:

P8071123 I think Kit was judging this round and the two options for Goofy were Hamsters and Spider-Man. Charlie put in the Spider-Man card, and even though Kit didn’t know who that was, she though it sounded goofy so she chose that card as the winner.  I haven’t found uses yet for all the little stuff that I got, but I imagine I will as my AG collection grows and I set up different scenes to photograph. The big prize however was the My Life As Cupcake Baking Set, and I’m excited to have Charlie show that off for you. First things first, let’s take a look at the packaging:

P8071132P8071133 The inner packaging slips out from the box quite nicely once you get it open:


From here, everything comes out really easily. It was a refreshing change from some other boxes I’ve opened this summer. While this set would have been perfect for Grace to review, since I didn’t want to put off reviewing it any longer, Charlie stepped up to help out.

P8071135 Here’s Charlie modeling the entire set on our impromptu countertop. The apron goes on really nicely, velcro-ing behind the neck and behind the back.


A closer look at the set. My favorite things about the set are the little measuring spoons which are absolutely adorable, and can be removed from their ring and returned very easily, the cookie cutter, and the mini spatula and measuring cup. I also like the cupcake pan, and the cupcakes, although two seems like a ridiculously small number for this set. At least 4 would have made much more sense. The brownie and cupcake recipe cards are just cardboard, and my cupcake one was a little bent on the bottom. There look to be real recipes printed on the back, which is a nice added detail, when they could have easily just left the back blank.

A closer look at some of my favorite things:

P8071137 The apron is a nice touch too and I think looks good on top of Charlie’s outfit:


I don’t know how much this set costs, but I’m absolutely certain it is significantly less expensive than Grace Thomas’ $68 Baking Set. Obviously the quality is lower, but I think that this set has some adorable pieces that trump even Grace’s set, and it is definitely a fun alternative to the more expensive AG sets. I’m sure when Grace comes home with me, she will want to check this set out.

A big thank you to Flo for holding this contest. I’m sure my AG crew and I will get a lot of use out of everything you sent us!


3 thoughts on “Kasey reviews … My Life As Cupcake Baking Set and other prize goodies!

  1. Okay girlfriend–are you sitting down? Because that baking set cost a whopping $5! Yup, that’s all. I think it is by far one of the BEST values out there for this kind of stuff. Can you imagine what AG would charge for all of that stuff?? That’s why I thought it would make such a great prize, glad you like it! I totally agree on the cupcake thing too, they fit so nicely in the pan, would it have killed them to include a couple more?

    The mini Apples to Apples game was a pleasant surprise for me, it came in a four pack of them, and truthfully, I thought the cards were probably the size of the box. I’m sure I let out a very girly squeal when I finally opened them and saw they were perfect doll size.


    • $5! That’s crazy. Grace’s set, which only has a couple pieces that are much nicer, and some that aren’t nearly as nice is like $70. Wow! Glad to know that other companies are making such nice products for much cheaper so that those of us who aren’t uber rich can afford to buy our dolls some nice goodies!

      And the Apples to Apples set really is absolutely adorable. I had no idea that the cards would be like real cards either, which was a really fun surprise.

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  2. Great review! I can’t believe it only cost $5. WOW. What a steal! Good point about the limited number of cupcakes, lol. It’s too bad they didn’t sell a separate pack of just a few more!


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